Members of the Native American Business Incubator Network are self-starters, visionaries, and go-getters who have passion for their work. They see opportunity where others see obstacles. They show determination, resiliency and grit. They are flexible, coachable, and willing to push the boundaries of possibility. NABIN actively seeks out and recruits individuals who exhibit these traits and who are willing to unite with a team of counselors and mentors to grow their business and build a strong network of Native American entrepreneurs and professionals.


Owner: Stacy Jensen

Location: Leupp, AZ


Phone #: 928-313-4658

For 30 years, North Leupp Family Farms (NLFF) has been supporting local families through practical and traditional food production. NLFF uses agriculture and food culture to engage families in activities that support a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, NLFF provides locally grown, affordable, indigenous produce that has been cultivated using tried-and-true dry farming techniques by tribes on the Colorado Plateau. Their mission is to promote healthy, cultural Diné values through the harvesting of traditional knowledge and teachings.


Owners: Margie and Robert Barton

Location: Winslow, AZ


Phone #: 928-613-8539

Barton Southwest Builders is a 100% Native American, family-owned, general contractor in operation for more than ten years. Based in Northern Arizona, Barton employs and trains construction craftsmen to build infrastructure, commercial buildings, and residential homes. Margie Barton, owner and business manager, started the company with the mission to minimize reliance on off-reservation businesses. Barton Southwest Builders keeps local residents in Native communities employed, and sustains demand for quality builders within and outside the reservation borders.


Owners: Baya and Paul Meehan

Location: 12 miles South of Page, AZ


Phone #: 928-640-3701

Shash Diné Eco-Retreat is a “glamping” bed and breakfast that offers a unique experience to guests visiting the Lake Powell region on the northern edge of the Navajo Nation. The owners aim to provide a traditional Navajo experience that is environmentally friendly and culturally rich. Shash Diné Eco-Retreat offers travelers to the Navajo Nation an authentic experience, so they can simplify their lives and reconnect with nature. An off-grid business with minimal modern conveniences, Shash Diné Eco-Retreat is following the path less traveled while paving the way for eco-tourism on tribal lands.


Owners: Jake Hoyungowa and Deidra Peaches

Location: Flagstaff, AZ

E-Mail: and

Phone #: 928-221-0596

Launched in 2011, Paper Rocket Productions serves more than 500 tribes across North America.  Combining the art of storytelling with the art of film making, they capture stories that are enriched with history and holistic principles. Founders Jake Hoyungowa and Deidra Peaches use their unique skills to preserve the voices of the past, to teach the future. Paper Rocket Productions strives to motivate young Native artists to pick up their cameras, write their scripts, and tell their stories.


Owner: Byron Shorty

Location: Shiprock, NM


Phone #: 928-221-4194

Navajo Word of the Day (NavajoWOTD) was started in 2012 to teach the Navajo language one day at a time. NavajoWOTD uses mobile technology to present an interactive and culturally based approach to independent learning. Their website has thousands of followers on social media, and the company is a well-respected online resource for vocabulary in the Diné language. Creator Byron Shorty hopes that NavajoWOTD will open up a new level of education for Navajo people, ranging from language and culture to politics and business, invigorating young and old, and strengthening ties between generations.


Owner: Eli Secody

Location: Kaibeto, AZ


Phone #: 928-640-2005

Native Men’s Magazine reaches determined Native American men who strive to live longer and live better by pursuing the best for their family, tribe, and community. The magazine runs features on financial independence, personal relationships, diet, fitness, leadership, and father-son highlights. The goal is to inspire this generation of Native men to reach 100 years of age. Traditionally, Native people boasted many centenarians, but with the chemical infiltration of food and water, and the mass production of air pollutants in the atmosphere, the current life expectancy of men in America is 68 years of age. Native Men’s Magazine hopes to embolden men nationwide to modify their lifestyles to accommodate healthy choices.


Owner: Tyler Tawahongva

Location: Tuba City, AZ


Phone #: 928-221-9213

Tyler Tawahongva began his recycling business to minimize the waste going to landfills from the Navajo and Hopi Nations. Tyler’s dream is to grow Cloud Nine Recycling into a business that represents self-sufficiency and economic development by providing jobs in an eco-friendly industry. For more than two years, Cloud Nine Recycling has been servicing the communities of Tuba City and Moencopi in Northern Arizona. It helps the local economy by keeping money within reservation borders, limits reliance on large corporations to meet small-town needs, and inspires positive environmental change and entrepreneurship.


Owner: Duane Koyawena

Location: Flagstaff, AZ


Phone #: 928-707-0862

Based in Northern Arizona, self-taught and self-sufficient artist Duane Koyawena is making a name for himself with his custom designs and paintings inspired by traditional Hopi symbolism.  The scale of his work ranges from murals to textiles. Using shoes, bags, and caps as his canvas, Duane Koyawena Arts adds a welcome Southwest presence to the realm of wearable art. Each piece is custom and unique, bridging the gap between contemporary and traditional Hopi art forms.